Welcome to JSF Tools!

Velocity users probably all know the very useful VelocityTools project:

The VelocityTools project is, first of all, a collection of such useful Java classes, as well as infrastructure to easily, automatically and transparently make these tools available to your Velocity templates.

One part of this project is called GenericTools :

GenericTools is the set of classes that provide basic infrastructure for using tools in standard Java SE Velocity projects, as well as a set of tools for use in generic Velocity templates. Perenial favorites here are the DateTool, NumberTool and RenderTool, though there are many others available as well.

The target of JSF Tools project is to bring the GenericTools classes to JSF developers as Facelets functions.


  • jsf-tools 0.3 has been released! The tools for Date and ComparisonDate has been added.
  • jsf-tools 0.2 has been released! This is a documentation release. Take a look at the changelog to see what has changed.
  • jsf-tools 0.1 has been released! This is the first release.

Getting Started

You can download the current release or a snapshot build via the download page .

For a quick overview of jsf-tools and how to use it try the reading the quick start guide or the online TaglibDoc or the online JavaDoc .


The dependencies required for JSF Tools vary somewhat depending on which tools you use, whether you will rely on core tool management infrastructure, and if so, how you choose to configure your toolbox. More details can be found on the dependencies chart .


  • DateTool & ComparisonDateTool - For manipulating, formatting, and comparing dates.
  • MathTool - For performing math functions.
  • XmlTool - For reading/navigating XML files. This uses dom4j under the covers and provides complete XPath support.